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9 Best Meal Delivery Services For Seniors in 2021

We've Reviewed the Best Meal Delivery Options On The Market, and Present All the Details

With Covid-19 continuing to force us into social-distancing, seniors are especially feeling the isolation. Luckily there are many options that you can choose from, Senior Affairs has curated a list of the 9 Best Meal Delivery Services for seniors.

Seniors are sheltering-in-place, but isolation comes with a price. Our favorite restaurants and diners are closed, this has sparked a revolution in online meal delivery.

We at Senior Affairs believes that we need to consider the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised aging adults to stay at home and try to avoid going to the grocery store because the risk of having having complications from catching Covid-19 increases with age.

Also the older people get, the riskier cooking can be since mental, physical, visual and hearing impairments develop with age.

Sometimes when people age they fail to recognize warning signs that they shouldn't do something, for example: if a senior's eyesight is going bad, they may not recognize or see if a spill were to happen in the kitchen, and if they had a gas stove, this could easily start a fire.

Another example would be: if an older adult has tremors, it's not a good idea for them to use a knife, they could easily hurt themselves.

Want to make life easier for you and the senior in your life?

Try a senior meal delivery service, grocery delivery or meal kit option, these are prepared meals that have been frozen fresh and delivered to your door. Most of the time it's contactless and easy to order online.

These services have meals that come in all prices, diets and wide variety. We review the best options on the market with the best customer testimonials from seniors and caregivers like you.

Prepared Meal Delivery

Seniors who aren't going to the grocery store regularly can choose from a wide-array of ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat in microwave meals. Dr. Daniel Devine, a dual-board certified internist and geriatrician and co-founder of Devine Concierge Medicine, explains, ““If a loved one gets lost driving home or consistently misplaces personal items, you need to worry about them potentially forgetting they turned on the oven. That said, there needs to be a balance between preserving independence and dignity and preventing unintentional self-harm.”

Grocery Delivery

Some seniors are still confident enough to cook but needs someone to shop for the groceries, sometimes this sometimes can be inconvenient or impossible for their caregivers if they live far away, or they work and have busy family lives.

You can solve this problem by using grocery delivery services. There are many brands that have transitioned to online sales and happily freeze their food for nationwide or regional delivery.

We've reviewed and curated the best options that aid in a diverse and healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

“Generally speaking, older adults should follow a diverse diet rich in fruits and vegetables,” notes Devine. “A condition known as sarcopenia, or an increased tendency for muscle to atrophy and shrink, affects many older adults. It is important older adults consume enough protein in their diet to maintain adequate muscle tone and strength.” 


This is one of the most popular services that seniors are taking advantage of these days. Instacart uses independent drivers in your area to shop for you and deliver the items usually within a couple hours. You choose the items from a huge selection of stores like Ralph's, Publix, Costco and Kroger. If you happen to live in a remote area, they may not be any personal shoppers close to you. If you need help, try their senior help line.

The delivery fees vary but start at $4, if you become an Instacart Express member, deliveries are free for orders over $35.

Amazon Fresh

Since Amazon owns Whole Foods, they have a footprint that can easily get the groceries out to you conveniently. Unlike Instacart, they don't have a variety of stores to choose from and you'll have to choose from their selection. You can choose to have your food handed to you or left in temperature controlled bags.

If you want to be a member of Amazon Fresh, you have to be a Prime member which costs $119/year, payable in monthly payments of $12.99, but you can also use your EBT or Medicaid card and there are no delivery fees.

Aunty Devi's Meat Pies

Family recipe – Delicious New Zealand style meat pies. The amazing flaky crust pastry combined with fresh flavorful ingredients will make this a favorite.

Diet to Go

Tasty chef prepared dietitian-designed meals delivered weekly.

Fresh n' Lean

Fresh N' Lean is the largest organic ready-to-eat meal delivery service.

Home Bistro

Freshly made, frozen meals shipped, Restaurant gourmet quality meals

Magic Kitchen

Chef prepared meals, senior meals priced starts at $10.00 per serving

Balance by BistroMD

Freshly made, frozen meals shipped, Restaurant gourmet quality meals


Freshly meticulously crafts healthy, whole ingredients into fresh, flavorful meals.


Meet the Affordable Meal KitFast, easy, tasty meals start at just $4.69 per person.

Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta sources, manufacturers, and distributes fully cooked meals. Pre-cooked. Healthy meals.